Over time, tiles and grout can collect dust. Unclean tiles and grout are an eyesore. They harbor mold and disease-causing germs. Tiles and grout need regular cleaning. Periodic tile and grout cleaning maintains the aesthetic appeal of tile floors and eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses. Regular tile and grout cleaning can prevent costly repairs, saving you money and headaches down the road.

Tile and grout cleaning is a back-breaking work. Why spend your weekends trying to restore your tile floor when professional help is just a phone call away? At Spotless, we have years of experience deep cleaning dirty tile floors to give them a new lease of life. Whether you have a simple, straightforward residential floor cleaning project or a large scale, complex commercial floor cleaning project, we have got you covered.

Unfortunately, if ignored, stains can become deeply ingrained in tiles and grout. When it comes to getting stubborn stains out of tiles and grout, traditional stain removal techniques rarely work. Therefore, we use specialized tools and methods to remove old, deeply ingrained stains.

Spotless is committed to sustainability. We steer clear of floor cleaning products with harsh chemicals that can cause damage to floors and harm the environment. We use green cleaning products that remove the toughest stains without adversely affecting the environment.

When used incorrectly, even top-of-the-line floor cleaning tools can cause damage to tiles and grout. Our technicians are trained on different types of floor cleaning tools. They know how to effectively use a cleaning tool to access hard to reach areas.

Tile and grout cleaning can be disruptive. We try to keep disruptions to a minimum so residents or building users can go about their business.

Tile floors, especially the ones installed in high humidity areas such as the bathroom and kitchen and in high foot traffic areas can deteriorate prematurely. Upon request, we seal tile floors to prevent premature wear and tear. One of the things that affect the performance and service life of a sealer is how it was applied. Our comprehensive flooring checklists are designed to help ensure that nothing important is forgotten. They help minimize waste and complete tasks in an efficient manner.

Whether you need one time floor and grout cleaning services or want a professional to care for your floor on an ongoing basis, we have got you covered. For customers with unique needs, we can customize our floor cleaning solutions ensuring value for money.

To schedule a floor cleaning, call our office and know more details.