Tile cleaning is one of the most dreaded household chores, and rightly so. Maintaining a tile floor can be incredibly time-consuming and involve a lot of effort. Many homeowners spend their weekends trying to get dirt out of their tiles to little effect.

Dirty tiles are an eyesore. They harbor disease-causing germs. They can ruin the appearance of the floor. If you let unsightly stains sit on your tiles for too long, they can become ingrained. Stubborn stains do not respond to ordinary cleaning methods and regular cleaning tools.

Spotless is committed to helping homeowners and businesses in Dublin keep their tile floors clean all year round. Every professional on our team is a subject matter expert with years of experience restoring unclean and neglected tile floors to their former glory.

Tile cleaning is not as straightforward and simple as it might seem. Equipped with specialized skills, our floor cleaning professionals deep clean tile floors to get rid of unsightly stains, spots and marks. They use tried and tested methods to clean hard-to-reach areas that homeowners often miss.

Many floor cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can negatively affect human health and the environment. We are an environmentally friendly company. Our eco-friendly cleaning products remove the most stubborn stains without damaging the environment. Our cleaning methods are designed to reduce water usage.

Our comprehensive residential and commercial floor cleaning checklists help keep things organized and ensure that our floor cleaning experts do not forget anything important during execution.

Wrong tile cleaning methods and cleaning mistakes can negatively affect the appearance of tile floors and cause lasting damage. Our pros plan everything down to a T and take various steps to prevent costly errors. They have a keen eye for detail and are able to foresee problems.

Tile floors can collect a lot of dirt and dust over time. Sealing tiles is a great way to strengthen their defenses against spills and dirt. Sealing can also help prevent grout erosion. Upon request, we seal tiles.

After a property owner decides to seal their tiles, one of the first things to do is select a tile and grout cleaner. With so many options, choosing the right grout and tile sealer can be overwhelming. We help homeowners and commercial property owners weigh the pros and cons of different sealers, paving the way for better decision-making.


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