Tile and grout cleaning is a backbreaking work. When it comes to getting rid of stubborn tile and grout stains, traditional cleaning methods and tools rarely work. Many homeowners spend hours scrubbing their tiles and grout to no effect.

Unclean tiles and grout do not just negatively affect the aesthetic appeal of your property, but can also harbor disease-causing germs. At Spotless, we have years of experience restoring unsightly tiles and grout to their former glory. We use specialized tools designed to remove even the toughest stains.

Our team consists of seasoned floor cleaning experts. Every pro on our team has the experience and expertise required to manage residential and commercial floor cleaning projects from start to finish. They take a pragmatic approach to floor cleaning. These professionals address the root cause of problems, instead of treating just the symptoms.

Equipped with specialized knowledge, our professionals are able to develop customized tile and grout cleaning solutions for our customers to fit their specific needs.

Many store-bought harsh floor cleaners can do more harm than good. Harmful chemicals in floor cleaners can cause serious, in some cases, permanent damage to floors. If handled improperly, these chemicals can cause chemical burns. They also harm the environment.

Spotless is an environmentally friendly and customer focused company. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that remove stains and kills germs without harming the environment.

Planning is half the battle. We plan everything down to the last detail. Designed by industry experts, our comprehensive checklists help ensure nothing important is forgotten during execution and activities are completed in an orderly fashion.

Wrong cleaning methods and techniques can negatively affect the appearance of tile floors and their life. Before starting a floor cleaning project, we inspect the area. We create an action plan and choose a cleaning method depending on how deeply the dirt is ingrained.

We are committed to helping our customers improve the aesthetics of their homes. Our technicians finish edges and transitions by hand helping ensure our customers’ homes exude elegance from every corner.

One of the most effective ways to extend the life of a tile floor and maintain its original appearance for years is to seal it.We have extensive experience managing stone tile and grout sealing projects. Upon request, we seal tiles and grout to increase their resistance to dirt, stains and moisture. Sealed tiles do not need to be cleaned as frequently as those that are not sealed and are comparatively easier to clean too.

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