Grout tends to crumble. Crumbling grout can cause a whole host of problems. In addition to being unsightly, crumbling grout is dangerous as it can expose the sharp and rough edges of the tiles surrounding it.

Here are some common causes of grout crumbling.

Poor Quality of Grout

One of the main factors that affect the life of grout is its quality. Low-quality grout is unable to withstand wear and tear and may become crumbly over time. High-quality grout costs more than its low-quality counterpart; however, it will save you money on maintenance and repairs and headaches down the road.

Most grout options are cement based. Cement is naturally porous. Like other porous materials, it tends to absorb dirt, dust and slime, which causes unsightly stains and crumbling grout. To prevent premature grout deterioration, seal it.

Use of Cleaning Products With Harmful Chemicals

Some chemicals in store-bought cleaners can dissolve grout seals. In addition to causing grout to crumble, some cleaners can wear it out permanently and loosen tiles as well, others can penetrate the surface of grout and change grout color.

Even if a harsh grout cleaner does not cause extensive damage to your grout, it may create entry points for moisture and debris. To prevent grout damage, use mild cleaners for grout cleaning.

Stubborn stains are difficult to get rid of and you may need harsh cleaners to remove them permanently. To eliminate the need for harsh cleaning products, remove stains immediately so they don’t get enough time to soak in.

Poor Installation and Inadequate Maintenance

Some common grout installation and maintenance mistakes that can cause grout crumbing include:

  •  Not waiting long enough for the grout to set in place before sweeping any excess grout off the tiles
  •  Waiting too long before sweeping off any excess grout off the tiles. When you wait too long for your grout to set in, it can dry on your tiles, causing serious, even irreversible damage
  • Getting the mix ratio wrong. If you use too much water for mixing, the grout will not set properly. On the contrary, when too little water is used, the grout can become powdery

Grout installation and maintenance requires expertise. Instead of taking the DIY route, consider hiring a tile and grout cleaning expert for grout maintenance.

High Moisture Content

Moisture is a common cause of grout crumbling. No wonder the grout in high-moisture areas such as the kitchen, laundry room, entryway and bathroom usually crumbles before the grout in other areas.

Grout is typically porous and easily absorbs moisture, which can not only cause it to crumble, but also encourage the growth of mold and bacteria. In addition to negatively affecting the life of your grout, mold and bacteria have the potential to cause several health problems.

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