We clean floors-that is the basis of the work we do at Spotless, and it is not glamorous to most people but it is truly our passion. We are passionate about making your life easier and helping you create a love affair with your floors. We are overjoyed to bring a sense of harmony and wellness into your home and business by restoring your floors to their original beauty, and it is our goal to help you keep them that way.

That is the purpose of our Website, www.getspotless.com. It is full of helpful tips and tricks that will help you learn the best practices to keep your floors healthy and attractive. For example, we included a downloadable First-Aid Kit for each flooring category (i.e. carpet, wood, etc.) so that when we can’t be there for you, you can do the best job at cleaning up a spill or accident.

Our site conveys how much we care about our clients. We are not a production cleaning company: our focus is on serving you, making you feel comfortable, respecting that we are in your home or place of business and consistently providing the highest quality cleaning through scientifically proven processes and old-fashioned service. Our site www.getspotless.com showcases how we set the industry standard.

We hope you have a chance to explore Spotless online, including testimonials sprinkled throughout our website, which includes comments from our satisfied clients. We look forward to staying connected with you here on our blog, through our Facebook page, or directly at 925-600-0745.