In our previous blog, we discussed a few simple tips on how to go green, along with the benefits that going green can bring to our lifestyle, health, and environment. At Spotless, we have made a few changes to demonstrate our dedication to not only this cause but to our customers as well.

One of the changes we’ve made is to include ProBiotic Biosurfactant Cleaners into our product line. Don’t be frightened by the long name, the purpose of these products is simple—to keep your home clean, green, and free of harmful pollutants!

First, it is important to understand what a bio-surfactant is. They are water-based compounds produced by microbes and are natural solutions to biological issues like pathogens and biofilm. For decades, biosurfactants have been used for water and soil remediation, and for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and food processing industries. By introducing the appropriate bacteria, biosurfactants are naturally produced to attack specific infectious agents.

The use of probiotic bio-surfactants in cleaning is beneficial in that they have higher biodegradability, meaning they are more easily decomposed and place less of a burden on our planet and our air. They are also less toxic than standard cleaning products and have greater adaptability to different types of surfaces, making them safer and easier to use. Furthermore, their antimicrobial and anti-adhesive properties create hostile environments for pathogens ultimately creating a healthier home.

The important note to consider is that conventional cleaning methods include chemicals like bleaches and oxides combined with physical exertion like scrubbing and wiping and are usually not effective in removing the biological contaminants that attach themselves to surfaces. In many cases, these contaminants create biofilms to protect themselves from unnatural chemicals present in conventional cleaners. But our new cleaning agents include large amounts of the probiotic bacteria necessary to produce biosurfactants and introduce biological components that are more effective in removing pathogens.

In other words, the probiotic bacteria in biosurfactants consume available food on a surface, which causes harmful pathogenic bacteria to starve and halt their reproduction. The presence of probiotic bacteria creates hostile environments that will further impede the colonization of pathogens. The probiotic bacteria also eliminate odors caused by the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria. At the end of the day, the takeaway is that these new products clean surfaces at a microscopic level, something we are unable to do with standard cleaning methods!

This new cleaning agent is gentle on the skin, making it safe for children and pets. After cleaning, the products create a healthy, stable bacterial community that is long-lasting and prevents the reproduction of pathogens and odors. It is both safe and a smart product to use, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, our customers are our priority. We only suggest the safest and most organic products we can find. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn how you can work with Spotless to maintain the greenest home possible.