When you have pets at home, taking care of carpets and other furnishings become quite challenging. In such areas of the house, where the carpet holds and distributes pet dander, Pet dog and cat odor and stain removal becomes an essential cleaning solution to be present at all times. Moreover, to help minimize pet dirt, a carpet with a medium tone and a few different colors woven in, is also a good choice. No matter whether you own a dog or a cat, getting the pet fragrance out of your carpet is never easy.

Invest in a Stain-Resistant Carpet

If you have the option, choose a stain-resistant carpet. Especially, when you are replacing carpeting or want to carpet a wood or tile floor, this is an option to consider. This sort of carpet is usually more expensive, but it also lasts for a longer time. The fibers of the stain-resistant carpet have already been treated with a protective coating. It does not need to be Scotch protected because it can withstand steam cleaning, vacuuming, and spills without losing too much of its integrity.

Non-Stain Resistant Seal Options

If your carpet is more than a few years old, it should be scotch guarded to preserve it from stains. After a while, it will need to be done again to help the fibers maintain their structure and prevent new stains from emerging. That should be done by a professional to guarantee that all the fibers are cleaned properly. Stains can sneak under the treated fibers if you miss a spot when doing it yourself. This makes removing the stains that get past the scotch guard more challenging.

Cleaning Pet Urine

When it comes to carpet care, one of the most difficult things to combat is pet pee. You must catch inadvertent pee marks on the carpet promptly to remove them. Get a thick layer of paper towels and step on them with your shoes on for a few times. That will make it easier for you to remove the urine without spreading it.

Vacuum At Least Twice a Week

Dander is produced even if your pet does not shed much. That might cause a carpet to get heavy and smell like a pet. Vacuuming twice a week will keep this from becoming an issue. You should move furniture and vacuum thoroughly on these occasions. Pet dander and hair might travel and end up on the carpet beneath the furniture. If your pet nibbles on the carpet or plays with toys on carpeted areas, vacuuming their play areas is also a good idea. Drool and toy particles can also get into the carpet. Over time, pet saliva can emit an unpleasant stench.

Maintaining your carpet well is a vital part of your clean and hygienic home, an emphatic way to lead a happy and healthy life!  It also demonstrates to visitors that you take pride in every aspect of your property. Spotless can provide you with pet safe carpet cleaning at a reasonable price. For more details, call us at (925) 600-0745 .