Soon after hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, homeowners must follow certain guidelines for maintaining their carpet until the next service is scheduled. Once carpets have received professional treatment, it is more convenient to overlook their health and appearance; however, you must resist this.

Carpets pile up dust and debris over time, regardless of how often they are cleaned. It’s critical to minimize dust buildup before it becomes a source of airborne pollutants. Instead of looking up an office carpet cleaning service near me, follow these few basic steps to keep your carpet looking new post-professional treatment:-

  • Allow your carpets to dry before walking on it

    Soon after you get your carpets professionally cleaned, whether it is for regular maintenance or to clean up a spill, your carpeting is bound to stay wet at least for a while. At all cost, you must avoid walking across wet carpets and instead, wait for them to dry up.

  •  Avoid walking barefoot on the carpeting

    Stepping barefoot on your freshly cleaned carpeting is not something we recommend. The reason for this is that your skin’s organic oils may leave an oily residue behind. This greasy layer may give your carpet a soiled appearance and collect dirt. Instead of walking barefoot, step on your floor whilst wearing socks or footwear you don’t often wear outside.

  • Clean stains and spills immediately

    One of the most important requirements of sustaining a decent appearance is to clear up discoloration as soon as possible. If something spills on your carpeting, wipe it up as soon as possible. The longer a spill sits on the carpet, the more difficult it is to clean up. Look up the top rated carpet cleaning services near me, and get the stain cleaned at your earliest.

  • Blot away stains using Spotless’ Poof cleaning solution

    Blot spills or stains instead of scrubbing, and for optimal results, don’t wipe; instead, dab with a dry cloth. While blotting absorbs the spill, rubbing encourages it to permeate into the carpet fibers. To begin, wash the spill with water. Use a clean white cloth or paper napkins to absorb the liquid. Use only Spotless’ Poof carpet spot cleaner detergent. Do not use strong chemicals and call a professional carpet cleaner like Spotless in Pleasanton.

  • Vacuum regularly to keep your carpet looking new

    Having to clean your carpeting should be a high priority for you, and it should be done at least once or twice each week. This can help you foster a healthy and clean ambiance by preventing your carpet from becoming a potential source of germ breeding. You can prevent dust accumulation and keep your carpets looking good for the long term by vacuuming regularly. If left unattended, allergens can penetrate deep into the fabric, making it challenging to clean up.

    Apply these methods and get your carpet professionally cleaned by Spotless. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced carpet cleaners. Get your carpets look new! Book an appointment with us at (925) 600-0746 to avail a free consultation with our experts.