Dogs and Cats make great companions, especially with their health benefits to those who need emotional or physical assistance. Dog owners also know how difficult it is to clean up after their furry friends.

Carpets are notorious for being some of the most high-maintenance flooring elements. Yet, this isn’t stopping many pet owners from keeping both their pets and carpet flooring.

In this guide, we’ll teach you some tips on how to remove pet smells from carpet surfaces.

1. Clean up Accidents as Soon as Possible

The best way to take care of your carpet is to clean it right away. When your dog urinates on the carpet, you should place paper towels or newspapers on the spot. If you have something disposable and more absorbent, use that.

Take it in your hands and press down on the spot your pet urinated on. Try to soak up the urine as best you can. Wear gloves so you avoid getting any direct contact with the dog’s pee to your skin.

You must not let the urine sit on the carpet for too long. This will help avoid stains and long-lasting odors on your carpets. If you don’t notice right away or you wait for too long, you risk pet stains and smells.

You want to be thorough in your cleaning. If you leave a spot unchecked, it can be a source where bacteria grow. The growth rate of bacteria may increase on carpets or spots that didn’t get immediate attention.

If you’re unsure about how big the damage is, use a UV light or UV flashlight. Shine it all over the carpet so you know if you missed a spot. It’s great for tracking other older areas where your dog had once peed in before.

2. BioKleen’s Bac Out and Homemade mixtures

We highly recommend getting BioKleen’s Bac out from the store, you can find this at wholefoods or amazon.

It safely eliminates stains, odors, and urine from your furry friend’s favorite areas. It contains live enzyme cultures that break down stains and odors into tiny particles. This type of enzymatic cleaning allows for continued elimination of the stain and odor.

A good follow-up is to use mixtures to remove pet odor on your carpets. Various elements of homemade odor-removing mixtures are already in your home. They make for great natural and/or DIY pet odor removers.

Spray white vinegar. Let it sit for five minutes and then blot the area dry with a paper towel. The vinegar will help keep bacteria from growing from your pet’s urine.

3. Keep the Inside of the House Fresh 

Sometimes, cleaning your carpet isn’t enough. Boost the odor-removal process by helping the air in the house circulate better. Open the windows and doors to let in fresh air into the home.

You can also use an air purifier to help the home smell better. You can find a variety of purifiers in the market. Look for ones designed to address pet odors.

Don’t forget to change all the air filters in your home as well. Clogged air filters can affect the amount of airflow in the home. If you want to save on air filters, buy them in bulk.

4. How to Remove Dog Smell From Carpet Surfaces With Preventive Maintenance

Another tip on how to remove dog smell from carpet surfaces is preventive maintenance. Take measures to prevent any accidents or further accidents from occurring again. Potty-train your pet dog early and avoid taking out the carpet until it knows where it can relieve itself.

  • Many dogs still follow their instincts to mark their territory. If it already happened once, clean up accidents well so no smells get left behind. When you don’t get rid of the smell, your dog may go back to the area to do the same thing again.
  • Grooming your pet often helps lessen the dog hair that gets spread around.
  • Vacuum your carpet often to get rid of dog hair and other sources of dog smell.                                                                                                Call Professional Cleaning Services Now and Then

A big step in keeping your carpets clean and bacteria-free is to clean it often. However, not everyone has the time to do this. If you find your schedule often too full to do serious indoor cleaning, it’s time to get help.

Who better to call than professional cleaners? They know what they’re doing, and they have the right equipment for the job. It may be cheaper to do it on your own, but if your goal is thorough carpet-cleaning, it’ll be worth it. You want to get your carpet cleaned every 6-9 months. It’ll help keep dirt, dander, and pet hair from settling into the carpet fibers.


Keep Your Home Pet Odor-Free

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