Isn’t it true that a carpet can largely beautify your workplace space? It insulates the floor and lowers overall noise. However, their appearance is only as good as how clean and fresh they are. Carpets, unfortunately, easily trap dust, stains, or oily particles. As a result, cleaning carpets becomes extremely difficult. However, you can opt for an office carpet cleaning service near you for an excellent result.

You can extend the life and beauty of your carpet by following the strategy we have outlined below:

A Bullet-Proof Maintenance Plan

It’s vital to have a well-thought-out cleaning and maintenance strategy in place. Carpet cleaning requirements will be specific to your workplace and determined by factors such as foot traffic, weather, and location.
The first step in planning your maintenance schedule is to sketch out your office space and note down the varying amounts of foot activity in different space areas. From here, you can figure out how often each area needs to be cleaned and develop an office maintenance program.

Don’t Put Off Cleaning Your Carpet Until It’s Visibly Dirty

We understand how tempting it is to put off maintenance tasks like carpet cleaning until it is absolutely necessary. However, this is irresponsible in more ways than one. People passing by your office will notice your unclean carpets as you wait for them to get dirty “enough” for cleaning. Your office’s reputation is involved here. So, get it cleaned, now!

Regular Vacuuming Is Necessary

Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis is the single most essential aspect in extending its life and maintaining its beauty. Vacuum high-traffic areas in your office on a daily basis, while you can go a bit slow with the lighter traffic region. This can be decreased to two or three times a week in medium traffic regions and once or twice a week in low traffic areas.
If your workplace has higher-than-average foot activity throughout, it may require more frequent vacuuming. Alternatively, if the weather is poor and people’s shoes bring a lot of filth and water into your business entryway, you may need to clean more frequently in the winter than in the summer.

Deep Cleaning Is Crucial

Regular cleaning may remove up to 80% of dirt and debris from your carpet, but even the finest vacuum cleaner won’t be able to remove 100%. The issue with the remaining 20% is that it gets crushed into your carpet and begins to wear away at the carpet fibers like sandpaper, speeding up the look degeneration of your carpet.
As a rule of thumb, high-traffic areas should be deep cleaned once or twice a year, medium-traffic regions three to four times a year, and low-traffic areas once or twice a year.

Choose an Appropriate Carpet

While this isn’t exactly a cleaning tip, the carpet you choose will significantly influence how long it lasts. A plain, light-colored carpet, for example, will reveal tiny coffee drops considerably more than a dark-colored, patterned carpet. So, before even buying a carpet, make sure it’s best suited for your office use.

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