Commercial carpet cleaning products may be toxic and can turn out to be a serious threat to our health. Consequently, we are here to help you keep your rugs and carpet looking brand new without the use of toxic chemical products anymore. Make home carpet cleaning easy by practicing the following eco-friendly cleaning tips and avoiding toxic cleaning products.

Regular Vacuuming

Carpets are a catch-all for dirt, dust, and debris that clings to the fibers of the carpet causing it to be dull over time. Although you cannot stop dust from entering your home you can do one thing, and that is to vacuum your house. Unless you live in a high-traffic or congested area, vacuuming your place once a week should be enough.

Clean Any Spillage Right Away

If you happen to spill something, make sure to deal with it right away to avoid using any toxic chemical products on the carpet. Before anything else, ensure that the area is dry and there is no trace of moisture left. Next, treat the spot with hand soap and water.

There are a few other combinations that you may try instead of using hand soap. For example, salt can absorb grease, and so can cornstarch. Club soda can be remarkable when treating coffee, red wine, or juice stains. If you have a foul odor coming from any part of the carpet, try using baking soda first and then vacuum the area to get rid of it.

The most common solution to remove a stain is to use 1 part of distilled water mixed with 3 parts of vinegar. This is a safe mixture and is a great alternative to commercially available chemical treatments.

Steam Clean Without Any Detergent

With the help of these natural cleaning methods, you will not need anything beyond plain water to clean your carpets. The hot water can help loosen up the dirt particles, and the hot steam will help kill bacteria. Instead of detergent, you may add a small amount of white vinegar into the water tank to deal with any form of rot or mildew. The smell of vinegar in its diluted form is not so strong and will disappear in less than a day, thus leaving your carpets looking fresh and devoid of any stains. In case you are interested in real estate agent bios, please check this company’s website. SEO Dennis website also has a lot of helpful content about Google search rankings for realtors.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Although you may put a lot of effort into cleaning your carpets at home, sometimes, you should let a professional do their job. We recommend hiring professional Carpet Cleaners at least once or twice a year. Having said that, you must always check to see if the company uses green or safe carpet cleaning methods so that all your efforts should not go in vain.

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