The idea of “going green” has become nearly unavoidable over the last few years. However, the concept of green living has been around for decades. The difference is that people are just now beginning to realize the enormity of the environmental challenges we all face.

At this point, everyone knows the earth is in trouble with all the oil spills, climate change, deforestation, and fuel emissions released. What most people don’t realize, though, is that going green is more than a term – it’s a choice we can all make to better the planet and in turn, help ourselves. It may seem difficult to believe, but we can all make a difference by making small changes to the way we live and operate.

Going green doesn’t mean a person has to turn their whole life upside down, and especially not overnight. Not at all! But there are small steps we can take in our day-to-day activities that can do a lot of good. After all, going green is about a healthier living style and who wouldn’t want that. And so, here are three tips on what you can do to both help your environment and help yourself by going green:

1. Stay Local

First off, keep it in the family. This may be a funny way of saying it but what we mean to recommend is to stay local, whether you live in Pleasanton, Danville, and San Ramon, Dublin, Livermore, or any of the surrounding areas. You would be surprised to know how much that can positively impact the environment. You staying local can mean less fuel emissions being released.

2. Support Your Local Farmers Market

Instead of buying at major grocery chains, get your fruits and veggies from your local farmer’s market. Not only will you help your planet, but you help out your neighbors as well! And to top it off, it is a much healthier option for you. So, when you sit down to think about it, it is a win-win.

3. Use Less Items

Another option can be to use less things. Everything we buy tends to use up our planet’s natural resources and so the less we use the more we help.  And if we just can’t help but buy that Cup of Joe every morning – purchase a reusable cup or buy from a place that uses recyclable items. Again, every small step will make a difference!

At the end of the day, going green is about promoting a healthier lifestyle. It is not just about the bigger global picture but also about you as an individual. After all, our actions do affect the environment but our environment can also affect us. We have to do our part to protect our bodies from all the harmful toxins out there.

And so, we here at Spotless have made some big changes to our own cleaning systems to better take care of our customers and our planet at the same time. We know that it may not make sense financially but it’s not about that. Our customers have always been our first priority and if we can do something to help them and their loved ones stay healthy, then we are going to do it! Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more about the changes we are making.