Pet Issues

Pets can present us with some difficult challenges, everything from heavily embedded hairs into carpet fibers to the occasional whoops! Over the years our cleaning processes evolved to take into account most of the general soiling issues that pets can create. For example, Bob the basset hound will tend to leave very heavy oil deposits in carpets, especially as bob gets older. Taco the Chihuahua will tend to leave very small piddles spread throughout his living area. Tina the tabby cat tends to leave little hairball messes.

Spotless provides a variety of solutions for pet spills, tailored to your specific needs. From specially designed pre-treatments which digest pet soil and odor, to oxygen-based stain removers, we employ the most effective methods to treat your problem areas. For moderate to heavily soiled areas we employ our subsurface extraction process which flushes the backing and underlayment of your carpet with an oxygen-based odor and stain remover, eliminating odors at the source.

Spotless offers a wide array of deodorization processes to our clients, at an additional cost. The key to effective deodorization is to treat the contaminant or odor causing material at its source. Our deodorization processes can vary from a simple additive to our pre-treatment, to full-blown process including flushing the carpet from the backing all the way through the face fibers and changing underlayment to remove and neutralize contaminants. We focus on processes that give our clients the most value for their dollar.