Green Clean

Asthma, allergies and chemical sensitivities are a growing concern for many families.

The key to maintaining the positive effects of carpet and textiles is regular routine maintenance- vacuuming and professional cleaning.

If you have concerns with regards to carpet cleaning, let us know; we will make sure to find a solution you are satisfied with.

Green Carpet Cleaning When the adjective “green” is used to describe carpet cleaning, it is imperative that the term be defined and quantifiable.

Most of our general pretreatments are either zero VOC or very low VOC, and are therefore proven to be very safe. (Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solid or liquid products.

These VOCs can buildup concentrations in indoor environments so it’s important to reduce the amount of exposure to an indoor space as much as possible.)

By law, any pretreatment used in the state of California is very low VOC or zero VOC- dramatically lower in these emissions than any other state.

This is important because it is these zero VOC pretreatments that are used to provide the most rigorous step in our cleaning process.

Our general cleaning process of pre-vacuuming, pre-treating, scrubbing and flushing removes the vast majority of any residuals left from our pretreating process.

Zero VOC pretreatment + thorough flushing using large volumes of water = the perfect balance of deeply cleaned carpeting and a healthier, greener home.

We also have alternatives which, depending on the client’s needs and concerns, can be substituted for our standard everyday products.