Carpet and Upholstery

Every job starts with the Spotless White Glove Service

Pre-vacuum/edge detail – 80% of what wears fibers on a carpet and upholstery is dry soil. Pre-vacuuming removes that soil. 95% of cleaning companies will not pre-vacuum.

Deodorize (upon request)- Click here to learn more.

Pretreat – Pretreating breaks down sticky substances like sugars, proteins and oils. This step maximizes spot and stain removal.

Agitate – This is a gentle, yet effective, scrubbing of your entire carpet or upholstery using our specialized equipment.

Hot water flush – Carpet or upholstery fibers are flushed using large volumes of very hot water- virtually no pre-treatment residue is left behind while all contaminants and dirt are rinsed away leaving a cleaner, brighter, softer surface.

Post spot – An additional step to remove anything the above steps did not.

Protect (upon request) – This protection acts as a barrier between soil and fiber. Liquid spills wipe off fibers easily and a dry soil is much easier to remove with everyday vacuuming.

Expedite drying with high velocity air and groom fibers – Our dry times are faster than most other cleaning companies. Our priority is to get the job done efficiently so you get your house back as soon as possible- now with soft, freshly cleaned carpets that are yours to enjoy.

Carpet & Upholstery Care Tips...

  • Do vacuum often.
  • Do schedule regular planed cleanings.
  • Do tend to spills and spots as quickly as possible.
  • Do make informed decisions when choosing carpeting and installation contractors.
  • Do protect fabrics from direct sun exposure.
Holy cows, these guys are good

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